Oxtail: Where to Eat the Next Foodie Trend

By Megan Giller  |  January 28, 2014
Credit: Strange Fruit PR

Who cares about New York strip steak or boring sirloin? In this new nose-to-tail world, the hippest dishes feature off-cuts of meat, cuts traditionally seen as too tough or gamey that are being transformed by our city’s talented chefs. Case in point: oxtail. We’ve started seeing this part of the cow all over Austin’s menus. Here’s where to try the newest foodie trend.

  • Barlata

    At his authentic Spanish tapas restaurant on South Lamar, chef Daniel Olivella braises oxtail for five hours in a red wine sauce, which is then served with the meat over mashed potatoes. The braise transforms the sometimes-tough cut into a delicacy that falls off the bone.

    1500 S. Lamar Blvd., 512-473-2211

  • Epicerie

    At chef Sarah McIntosh’s Rosedale-area bistro, traditional oxtail stew is made Southern with the addition of cheddar grits, roasted tomato and pickled turnips. It tastes even better than it looks.

    2307 Hancock Dr., 512-371-6840

  • Congress

    The three-course menu at this downtown fine dining spot offers many delicacies, from charred hamachi with red carrot dashi to roasted duck breast with dates, chocolate and smoked chestnuts. Be sure to order the oxtail consommé, though, a rich, stew-like dish with celeriac, crisp polenta, Brussels sprouts and Parmesan.

    200 Congress Ave., 512-827-2760

  • Credit: Foodspotting

    Tony’s Jamaican Food

    It’s not all about fine dining. A traditional ingredient of a lot of Jamaican food, oxtail makes a good showing at this East Side trailer. Think flavorful stew with carrots as well as a side of coconut rice and beans and fried plantains.

    1200 E. 11th St., 512-945-5090

  • Porter Ale House

    Enough with the stews and braises. Let’s move on to fried oxtail, which you can eat aplenty at the new South First Street gastropub. The croquettes come with a side of spicy, creamy dijonnaise to dip.

    3715 S. First St., 512-291-6299