Ramen Tatsu-Ya Plans to Add Lunch

By Megan Giller  |  August 7, 2013

You know those chewy, yellow, squiggly noodles that you probably think of whenever the word “ramen” comes up? Yeah, chefs Tatsu Aikawa and Tako Matsumoto from Ramen Tatsu-Ya are going to blow your minds with their version starting this Saturday and Sunday. They told us all about it earlier today when we chatted it up with them.

“We’re going to do Tokyo classic broth and noodles,” Tatsu Aikawa told us. “Different regions have different broths and noodles. For our lunch, we’re going to do what everyone thinks of as ramen."

He continued, “We’re going to try to keep it as simple as possible, because we want to get it right. We’re going to offer classic Tokyo style and call it ‘old school.’ It’s a chicken-based broth. So people who can’t eat pork for dinner can come for lunch. We’re going to offer vegan too. We’re going to soft open for about a month so we can get everyone comfortable before we open.”

The plan is to soft open in August and officially open for lunch in September.

So are the noodles from a package? Heck, no.

“This recipe has taken me four months,” Aikawa said. “I’ve tried six types of noodles, so we nailed it down pretty quick. But it’s hard, because you get one sample, but you have to try that with different broths over time. If it sucks, you may have to adjust the soup and redo the whole thing again. I also went through 12 types of broth, just to get one to taste good. It’s a long process.”

Matsumoto nailed it exactly. “Ramen is an exact science,” he said.