Last-Minute Thanksgiving: Where to Get Your Turkey

By Megan Giller  |  November 25, 2013
Credit: Ruocaled / Flickr

Not everyone wants to cook for Thanksgiving, and with so many restaurants offering good takeaway options, you don’t need to slave over a hot stove all week to feed your guests. On each day of this abbreviated week, we’ll tell you where you can score your favorite Thanksgiving eats so you're not trapped in your kitchen come Thursday.

First up, the main course. Today is the last day to preorder turkey from the Salt Lick. Get four pounds of smoked turkey breast for $49.95, plus shipping, and have Thanksgiving delivered to your door. Or, if smoked isn't your style and you're looking for a more natural option, go for the Diestel pre-roasted whole turkeys from your local Whole Foods. Matt Gross, the co-founder of the Austin Barbecue Society and Brisket Man blog, particularly recommends the free-range turkeys because they're not fed hormones or chemicals and, after six weeks, they live outside in large half to two-and-a-half acre pens. Diestel turkeys are also slaughtered much older than conventional turkeys whose producers tend to focus on quantity over quality. "Altogether, these practices produce one of the finest tasting birds money can buy," said Gross. The turkeys come in three sizes: six to 10 pounds for $49.99, 10 to 12 pounds for $59.99, and 16 to 18 pounds for $84.99.