The 7 Weirdest Tacos in Austin

By Megan Giller  |  July 23, 2014
Credit: Nicolai McCrary

Who needs bacon, egg and cheese tacos when you've got octopus, tater tots and gummi bears?

1. Tako Taco at East Side King
We can't resist the butter-poached octopus, fresh vegetable ceviche, tobiko and a crispy moo shu “tortilla” from chef Paul Qui. Plus it’s fun to say “tako taco” on repeat.

2. Gummy Bear Taco at Torchy’s
First Banger’s came up with its gummi bear sausage, and then Torchy’s started experimenting with a gummi bear taco. You won’t find it on their regular menu, though, thank goodness.

3. Taj Taco at Fat Cactus
Think Bombay meets Navajo, with ground beef, spring mix, red onion, cilantro, curry yogurt sauce and fried chickpeas on Navajo fry bread.

4. Spicy Eggplant Taco at Yummi Taco
Eggplant often subs for meat in vegetarian food, and here it’s successfully paired with sautéed onions in a thick tortilla.

5. Triple T at Frank
Your breakfast tomorrow: the Texalina Tater Taco, with sausage, tater tots, grilled onions, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese on a big tortilla.

6. Bulgogi Taco at Chi'Lantro
Though Korean-Mexican fusion has been around for a while, we never tire of the tender bulgogi, housemade salsa and homemade tortillas here.

7. Chicken Pad Thai Taco at Peached Tortilla
Chef Eric Silverstein brings Thai to the tortilla with chicken covered in pad Thai sauce with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, green onion, cilantro and peanuts.