What Micklethwait Meats' New Deli Trailer Will Be Serving

By Megan Giller  |  May 2, 2014

Micklethwait Craft Meats may be known for their killer barbecue - especially sausage - but starting this summer, they’re moving into the deli business, too. Earlier this week Full and Content reported that Tom Micklethwait will be partnering with pals he met at Vespaio to launch a new non-barbecue craft meats trailer. Bobby Lovelet, a former leading sous chef at the South Congress Italian restaurant, just began working at Micklethwait, and pastry chef Giovanni Ortiz will start in early May, to complement baker William Ankeney’s homemade breads and sweets (like their amazing moon pie).

But what exactly will they be making? We caught up with partner Mark Fagan, who was able to tell us a little more about their plans. They’re going to be curing and smoking their own meats like pastrami and bologna as well as focusing on house-made hot dogs. They previewed the hot dogs on July 4 and sold out in record times (check out the amazing-looking evidence above). They’ll also make even more breads, sides, condiments and more so that you can enjoy loaded sandwiches. But first Micklethwait himself is trekking up to New York to learn more about delis.

The team plans to expand their general business too, and they’re hard at work on a brick-and-mortar restaurant that will focus on barbecue but also feature a deli. (Don’t worry, trailer fans, they plan to keep their food trucks too.)

And last but not least, Fagan says that they’ll be expanding their hours at the barbecue trailer on Rosewood, hoping to stay open through dinner and eventually even past 8 PM. Hear that? Late-night barbecue is on its way!