Where Chefs Eat: Brick Oven

By Megan Giller  |  April 24, 2014

When Foreign & Domestic chef Ned Elliott goes out to eat on his day off, he says he’d “much rather go someplace that’s no frills” than flock to a fine-dining experience. Translation? Pizza with his daughter at many of the wonderful places around town, in particular, Brick Oven.

Elliott says he’s been eating there for about five years, ever since he first moved to town. He likes that the wood-fired bread is “smoky and sourdoughy,” with olive oil and balsamic dipping sauce. The chef says he and his daughter almost always get a white pizza, and he goes for the rosemary-chicken white lasagna, too.

“It’s a nice place, almost rustic,” he told us. “They make well-executed food that isn’t trying to be over the top, and they do it well.”