Where Chefs Eat: Musashino

By Megan Giller  |  February 27, 2014

Lately we’ve been talking to chefs about the awesome older Austin restaurants where they like to get down with some good, unpretentious food. The Carillon’s Plinio Sandalio recently told us all about the Texas Chili Parlor, and Barley Swine’s Kyle McKinney waxed poetic about the Evangeline Café.

But let’s talk about a high-end Austin restaurant that doesn’t get that much attention lately: Musashino. Swift’s Attic chef Zack Northcutt says that even though he’s been going there since high school, it’s still one of his favorites in town. “Uchi is fun for whimsical things, but if you want traditional sushi, go to Musashino,” he told us. In fact, Uchi chef and owner Tyson Cole learned the art of sushi at the Japanese restaurant, which only further proves that you’re in good hands there.

So what does Northcutt order? He goes for delicacies like the botani ebi (a raw jumbo prawn with a fried shrimp head) and gyu tataki (marinated, seared filet mignon) as well as rolls like the traditional pickled burdock root with fatty tuna and the uni and salmon roll. He says, “It tastes like fresh ocean.”