Weekend Planner

Where to Brunch: Fonda San Miguel

By Megan Giller  |  January 10, 2014

This weekend, we’re taking it old school and hitting up one of the most classic brunches in town: the extensive, over-the-top buffet at this beautiful interior Mexican restaurant off North Loop.

The word “buffet” often draws to mind trays of lukewarm food that have been sitting out for hours. But at Fonda, it means that the main dining room transforms into a wonderland of goodies on four giant tables: an assortment of guacamoles and ceviches, breakfast entrees like migas, different meats like cochinita pibil and a plethora of sweets like flan and cookies. Add to that a fabulous design, especially in the bar area - with lush plants, colorful tiles and even a parrot - and you have a beautiful way to start your Sunday. Of course, with a brunch this decadent, the cost can be a little hefty - almost $50 per person. But such an ultimate Austin experience is worth the price.