Austin's Most Delicious Fries

By Megan Giller  |  October 23, 2013
Credit: Jody Horton

No burger is complete without a thick handful of fries, and since it’s Burger Week, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite accomplices. From thin-cut traditional fries to steak fries to truffle oil galore, here’s where to get your fill of fried taters.

  • Black Star Co-Op

    These steak fries aren’t your typical side dish. They’re cut thick in the English style, almost like flat potato wedges, but they’re perfect for dunking in ketchup or the malt vinegar aioli that comes with their famous fish and chips. We dare you to eat just one of these starchy, salty treats.

    7020 Easy Wind Dr.; 512-452-2337

  • Credit: Jody Horton

    Second Bar + Kitchen

    Ah, yes. Chef David Bull’s famous black-truffle pommes frites are so good that we can hardly put them in the same category as the fried concoctions at McDonald’s. At this posh eatery, the dish is dusted with Grana Padano and served with a side of truffle aioli. Pro tip: We like them plain, without the seared foie gras on the side (gasp!).

    200 Congress Ave.; 512-827-2750

  • Hyde Park Bar and Grill

    Oldtime Austinites will maintain that these fries are the best in town, and we can hardly disagree with them. It’s hard to come to this Hyde Park neighborhood eatery without ordering a plate of them to share as an appetizer. The buttermilk-battered fries go oh-so-perfectly with the restaurant’s secret sauce (think peppery mayo). We like it mixed with ketchup, too.

    4206 Duval St.; 512-458-3168

  • Chilantro

    This Korean-Mexican trailer has found a way to make French fries even better: cover them in beef bulgogi, chopped grilled onions, cheddar, Monterey Jack cheese, cilantro, sriracha, sesame seeds and “magic sauce” (again, think mayo). Part of us wants to tell you that they’re big enough to share an order, and the other part of us wants to keep them all for our gluttonous selves.

    Location varies, check Twitter; 512-800-9098

  • Salty Sow

    When you want a real treat, head to this upscale, chic restaurant on Manor Road for a taste of the triple-fried duck fat fries (although we guarantee you’ll want more than just a taste). The thick-cut fries come with an 110-minute egg (a sous-vide egg with an amazing texture) and cold béarnaise sauce. Still having doubts? Here’s something that will help: Triple. Fried. Duck. Fat. Fries.

    1917 Manor Rd.; 512-391-2337

  • Haymaker

    The newest hip spot on Manor Road serves artisan, homestyle sandwiches and two (that’s right, two) types of poutine. Get it in the traditional style, with the fries covered in country brown gravy and cheese curds. Or stay true to Texas and get yours Southern style, with peppery white gravy instead of the brown stuff. Either way, be sure to stay for a few craft beers.

    2310 Manor Rd.; 512-243-6702

  • Potato.A

    If you’re in South Austin rather than the East Side and have a hankering for poutine, check out this trailer that exclusively serves the Canadian staple. Get the original version (with French fries, brown gravy and cheese curds), or go for something unusual. The Italian comes with fresh tomatoes and basil with cheese curds and house-made bacon bits; the Southern comes with BBQ pulled pork, queso and jalapeños; and the Glasser comes with spicy beef-and-bean chili and cheese curds. Or if you’re a French fry purist, you can get them tossed with sea salt, parmesan or with a spicy chili blend. We like their slogan: "what are you poutine on those fries?"

    Corner Bar, 1901 S. Lamar Blvd.; 512-809-3872

  • Hopdoddy

    Yes, you will wait in line. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business. Burgers are what Hopdoddy does best (classic, lamb, veggie, you name it), but their fries are hardly an afterthought. The massive pile of crispy Kennebec fries are hard to find fault with, but it’s the truffle fries that are really special. Truffle oil and potatoes go together even better than burgers and buns.

    1400 South Congress Ave.; 512-243-7505