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Beef Prices on the Rise, Burger King Nixes Low-Calorie Fries and More

By Patty Lee  |  August 14, 2014

Pink Slime Comeback: Beef prices are starting to rise again, leading to demand for fillers like lean finely textured beef (or "pink slime"). The company that created the product received a lot of scrutiny in recent years, but it's on the rebound and plans on reopening one of its plants. [Salon]

Beer Revival: Pabst Blue Ribbon is bringing back Ballantine India Pale Ale, a brew that's been out-of-production since the '70s. [Grub Street]

Not So Satisfied: Burger King has taken its reduced-fat Satisfries off menus less than a year after the item debuted. [Businessweek]

Order Up: Fast Company looks at how restaurants use menu design to direct diners to certain dishes.