Bill DeBlasio's Pizza Faux Pas: How Do You Eat Yours?

By Kelly Dobkin  |  January 14, 2014
Credit: AP

You've probably caught wind of the scandal (aka PizzaGate) that has erupted over a photo of new NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio eating pizza with a knife at fork last Friday at Goodfellas in Staten Island. The item made national news on The Daily Show last night as Jon Stewart hilariously mocked the so-called "scandal" (check it out here) and declared that DeBlasio should eat his pizza "like a disgusting savage" like other New Yorkers do. DeBlasio defended his technique by saying that eating pizza with a knife and fork is how his "ancestral people" do it in Italy and that also: "With a pizza like this — with a lot of toppings — I usually start with a fork and knife and then move to the American way with my hands."

Given the controversy, we decided to look at some pizza-eating statistics. We all know folding your pizza is definitely an NYC thing, and according to our 2013 Pizza Survey, 52% of respondents in the Northeast like to fold their slice (it's slightly more common among males vs. females). Nationally, here's how it breaks down:

When asked, "what is your typical style for eating pizza?" Respondents answered:

Eat it flat - 45%
Fold it - 38%
Knife and fork - 17%

In the Northeast, the knife and fork contingent is even smaller - only 13% typically eat their pizza that way, which may explained why DeBlasio is facing so much flak. New Yorkers - tell us how you eat your pie in the comments.