Bobby Flay Doesn't Care If You Instagram at the Table

By Kelly Dobkin  |  September 18, 2013

Does Instagramming shots of your food at the table annoy chefs? It doesn't bother Bobby Flay, who appeared on The Rachael Ray Show this morning to talk about his new NYC restaurant Gato, among other things. When the topic of Instagram came up, the chef told Ray: "Listen, if you want to come to my restaurant, where you’re paying for your meal, and you want to take a picture of my food and advertise it all over the world and the Internet, be my guest."

We're glad at least some chefs don't mind, because diners seem to enjoy taking those phone snaps at the table. In NYC, for example, 65% of survey participants said they felt it was ok in moderation, according to our 2013 New York City Restaurants Survey. Stay tuned for how they felt about it this year, as the 2014 results will be released in the weeks to come. [via The Braiser]