6 Best Things We Ate at the SoWa Open Market

By Scott Kearnan  |  May 5, 2014

Yesterday saw the opening day for SoWa Open Market, one of Boston's most popular seasonal outdoor markets. From May through October, every Sunday sees dozens of local artisans hawking insanely awesome wares, an indoor "vintage market" of retro-chic clothes, furnishings and bric-a-brac - and of course, a parking lot full of food trucks to keep you nourished between shopping sprees. So what lines should you stand in during the weekends ahead? We did some legwork. 

  • Slider at Frozen Hoagies

    Why it revved our motor: Because the entire concept of Frozen Hoagies is ingenious. You choose a variety of cookie (Nutella? Peanut butter cup?) and flavor of ice cream - from java crunch to raspberry sorbet. They turn it into an ice cream sandwich, and suddenly your hands are sticky with deliciousness. (Solution: use a spoon.) We kept it simple and tasty: vanilla sandwiched by a chocolate fudge cookie. 

    The damage: $4 (calorie-wise, we're not asking) 

    Track the truck: @FrozenHoagies

  • Quesadilla at The Taco Truck

    Why it revved our motor: Because it may be called Taco Truck, but this big, orange Mexican slinger, which has trucks in several different cities, still whips together one tasty quesadilla loaded with pollo, costilla or carnitas (our pick) and pico de gallo. Delish? Sure, but our affection stalls out when you consider we waited an unreasonable amount of time (a full hour) to get one item from seemingly overwhelmed staff - while our homegrown trucks were faster, friendlier and more efficient. Not the opening-day impression we hoped for. 

    The damage: $6

    Track the truck: @TheTacoTruck

  • "We Work Well Together" at Compliments

    Why it revved our motor: Because the curiously named menu item translates to a trio of delicious grass-fed beef sliders with flecks of sliced cheddar, sandwiched by buttery, crusty bread. The food truck aims to set itself apart by using "local farms and fresh food," but the ridiculously friendly service and chatty staff didn't hurt. (Nor did it slow down the line, somehow!)

    The damage: $7 

    Track the truck: @ComplimentsFood

  • Mighty Rib Melt at Roxy's Grilled Cheese

    Why it revved our motor: Because it's got to be one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the country, not just Boston. (Oh, look. We already deemed it such.) The combination of BBQ braised beef, caramelized onion and fontina cheese is absolutely heaven-sent. If you still haven't tried it, you have no business calling yourself a food-truck fan. 

    The damage: $7

    Track the truck: @RoxysGrilledChz

  • Mama's Meatballs and Sunday Gravy Sub at The Dining Car

    Why it revved our motor: Because even if you can't get to nonna's for "gravy Sunday," you can channel some red-sauce spirit with this sub, a crusty baguette filled with tender, nicely spiced meatballs and gooey mozzarella. Simple, sure. But still pretty astounding; not all meatballs are created equal, and you know your nonna agrees. 

    The damage: $8

    Track the truck: @TheDiningCar

  • Credit: Mei Mei/Facebook

    Double Awesome at Mei Mei Street Kitchen

    Why it revved our motor: Because Mei Mei's signature sandwich became an immediate hit with food-truck nerds as soon as they rolled onto the scene. (Rightly so.) Scallion pancakes are stuffed with slow-poached eggs, pesto and cheddar, and served with a spicy ketchup. 

    The damage: $7

    Track the truck: @MeiMeiBoston