7 Candy-Inspired Cocktails in Boston

By Scott Kearnan  |  October 29, 2013
Credit: Nicoletta Amato

Halloween isn't just for kids. Sure, things are different as an adult: you're more likely to be doling out candy on the doorstep than collecting it (and chances are that your fourth-grade "pretty princess" costume did not involve fishnets). But change isn't a bad thing. Trick-or-treating for cocktails at our favorite bars and restaurants is perfectly fine by us, and we've found a few candy-inspired libations that make us feel like a kid again (albeit one that snuck into Dad's liquor cabinet). See our picks in the slide show below, and for some more ideas on how to spend Halloween, check out our Boston guide here.

  • Strawberry Pop Rocktini at Kings

    Remember Pop Rocks? Those candies that made your tongue tingle (and, according to playground legend, your stomach explode if mixed with soda)? You'll find them at grown-up game spot and resto Kings, around the rim of this sweet strawberry vodka and white grape concoction that already gets plenty of fizz from a champagne float (617-266-2695). 

  • Snickers Martini at Gather

    You remember how the new neighbors on the block always gave out good candy, to ingratiate themselves to the cul de sac? Yeah, we don't either, but that would have been a way better idea than handing out toothbrushes, Mrs. Crabapple (not that we're still bitter). New sibs Gather and Brew, the restaurant and cafe (respectively) that both opened this month at District Hall, are being much more generous. Gather debuted with a sensational Snickers milkshake (pictured) of Godiva liqueur, caramel and Frangelico; Brew tweaks it for a virgin version with chocolate, caramel and hazelnut syrup plus ice cream (617-982-7220).

  • Joyful Almond Frappatini at Wahlburgers

    Inspired by the candy bar Almond Joy (in case that wasn't obvious), the Joyful Almond certainly puts a smile on the face and a gleam in the eye. It might have something to do with the frothy mix of coconut and caramel vodkas, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and a toasted-coconut rim. Why yes, that explains it (855-924-5246).

  • Candy Flip at Canary Square

    This Jamaica Plain gastropub has put a steep effort into its Candy Flip by making a house-infused candy corn vodka. That's combined with Grand Marnier, lemon juice and egg white for a just-sweet-enough sip. For Halloween night, expect another variation that uses vodka infused with Skittles (617-524-2500).

  • Rock N Rye at Waban Kitchen

    Housemade orange ginger rock candy is used to create this buzz-worthy concoction at Waban. It's added to a mix of rye and ginger liqueur, balanced by the fruity notes of orange slices and cherries (617-558-7677).

  • Fireball Shots at Common Ground

    This Allston hipster hangout has found a new use for those red-hot candies that once set your young tongue ablaze. They're dropped in whiskey and given a shake to create spicy fireball shots - served warm and sure to kindle your taste buds once again (617-783-2071). 

  • Jack-o'-Lantern Harvest

    Slink up to the bar at this classy Cambridge American to find the caramel-apple-inspired Jack-o'-Lantern, comprised of applejack, spiced cider reduction, caramel simple syrup and Prosecco. Makes us feel all bubbly inside (617-868-2255).