8 Great Charcuterie Spots in Boston

By Scott Kearnan  |  November 18, 2013

Feeling board? If a sophisticated spread of meats, cheeses, marinated veggies and various accoutrements is on your agenda for the evening, here's where to go for some of the best charcuterie menus around Boston.

Belly Wine Bar: We could stuff ourselves silly with Belly's "arm + a leg" family-style meals, a rotating whole-animal feast (currently duck) that requires a few days' notice. But for a lighter something to share over wine, the charcuterie boasts luscious chicken liver mousse, crispy duck en croute with pistachios and prunes, and a fantastic fromage selection curated by its sister establishment, the wine and cheese shop Central Bottle (617-494-0968).

The Butcher Shop: As one would expect from its name and pedigree (it's part of the Barbara Lynch empire, after all), this spot brings out a fabulous charcuterie selection, from soppressata to finochiona (fennel salami), game bird en croute and rillettes du jour. That you can bring home its cured meats, housemade sausages and pâtés from a glass case kept stocked by its full-time butcher and assemble your own charcuterie on the couch is a Butcher Shop bonus (617-423-4800).

Coppa: Since chef Jamie Bissonnette was early on the forefront of nose-to-tail dining in Boston, it's not surprising that his South End corner Italian, Coppa, would have one of the city's best salumi boards (pictured), starring beef heart pastrami, duck prosciutto and excellent offal. The meats share menu space with American and Italian cheeses selected by the restaurant's neighbor, boutique fromagerie Formaggio (617-391-0902).

Eastern Standard: This Kenmore Square gem deserves the praise it receives for its daily charcuterie, a never-less-than-stellar assemblage, as well as its celebrated cheese selection. A three- and five-cheese spread with toast and accompaniments is a must-try for ES newbies (617-532-9100).

The Gallows: On the South End, this boisterous hangout always attracts a motley crew, from foodie hipsters to neighborhood yuppies. Among its elevated tavern-style offerings are the top-notch boards it composes. The Ploughman - currently boasting housemade rabbit sausage, Serrano ham, chicken liver pâté and whipped lardo with pickles and various artisanal cheeses - is always a favorite. There's also the Farmer, a fruit-, cheese- and nut-filled take on a charcuterie board for veggies (617-425-0200).

Oak Long Bar + Kitchen: How hungry are you? This fabulous Fairmont Copley restaurant offers three different sizes of its charcuterie board, each loaded up with cured meats, local cheeses, marinated olives and various preserves: the Oak ($24), Kitchen ($31) and LBK ($55). Pick your platter, and let Oak pick what's on it (617-585-7222).

The Salty Pig: Straddling the South End and Back Bay, this joint is without a doubt one of the best places in the city to oink out on a charcuterie board, assembled with selections from three awesomely named menu categories: Salty Pig Parts (including wild boar cacciatorini and smoked beef tongue), Stinky Cheeses (from neighboring Vermont and European destinations alike) and Round Out the Plate (including accompaniments like jalapeño jelly and smoked shallot marmalade) (617-536-6200).

51 Lincoln: Head to the suburb of Newton for some of the area's top charcuterie, which ranges from chile chicken liver pâté to beef pepperoni and fromage including a fab brie fermier from Wasik's Cheese Shop (617-965-3100).