8 Boston Donuts You Need to Try

By Scott Kearnan  |  December 6, 2013

When it comes to donuts, most people think Boston is confirmed Dunkin' territory. But look past the chain's outposts, and you'll find there's a fried-dough revolution taking place. Donuts are popping up on menus around town, from classic approaches to more creative, chef-driven concepts. We gathered up a few favorites - Boston standbys and new additions alike.

  • Craigie on Main

    Not that you need another reason to worship at the altar of Craigie, but the Cambridge favorite boasts a killer donut on its brunch menu. Chef Tony Maws' housemade donut is served with confiture du lait, a French caramel sauce that's thin enough for spreading. It's pretty elegant as far as donuts go (617-497-5511).

  • Towne Stove & Spirits

    Chef Mark Allen's donut-drink combo on his dessert menu is perfectly appropriate for winter: a delicate trio of simple, cinnamon-sugar-dusted donuts served with a spiced cranberry cider (617-247-0400).

  • Clio

    Monica Glass, a Food & Wine Best New Pastry Chef this year, makes an olive donut rolled in sugar, fills it with Meyer lemon cream and serves the pastry alongside black currant caramel, pine nuts and burnt honey ice cream infused with licorice mint (617-536-7200).

  • 3 Little Figs

    Around the holidays, we'll take any opportunity to fool ourselves into thinking we're making a "healthier" food choice. So thank you, 3 Little Figs, for your donut muffins (taste of the former, presentation of the latter), available by the dozen (617-623-3447).

  • Puritan & Company

    The Boston Cream Pie was, of course, originated at Parker's. But Puritan & Company gives one of the Hub's best-known desserts a nod with a donut adaptation during Sunday brunch: the cream-filled, chocolate-glazed Boston Cream Donut (617-615-6195).

  • Local 149

    We're bending the rules slightly to include this brunch find, Local 149's bag of crispy beignets. But if a beignet - circles of fried dough tossed with powdered sugar - isn't a donut, then we don't know what is (617-269-0900).

  • Rialto

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, though perhaps not when in fritter form. This delightful dessert at Rialto is stuffed with apple and topped with apple cider sauce, then served with rice pudding, dried cranberries and blackberry marmalade (617-661-5050).

  • Union Square Donuts

    We can't forget to sing the praises of this addiction-inspiring Somerville donut destination. Take your pick from the ever-rotating varieties served up daily: from strawberry and chocolate chipotle, to "fluffa nutta" specials and simple glazed options (617-209-2257).