A4 Pizza Adds Monthly Music Trivia

By Scott Kearnan  |  November 19, 2013

It's in Somerville. Its menu focuses on gourmet pizzas and craft beers (many canned). So given that Area Four's smaller sibling A4 Pizza Bar basically accomplishes a hipster hat trick, what else could it do to further ensconce itself as a nightly hangout for twenty- and thirty-something food nerds? Ah, yes: it could introduce a Music Trivia night featuring two of the local alt-music scene's favorite DJs. Affix your thick-framed glasses and stroke your Movember facial hair knowingly as you compete at the new event, launching tonight and recurring every third Tuesday (9 PM-2 AM). Host General Stoor will pop the questions, Braun Dapper (Royale resident spinner and part of the BladeRunner DJ collective) will unleash the tunes, and Somerville food and music snobs (we mean that fondly) will gather every month to debate the finer points of synth pop and shoegaze, debate the respective awesomeness of Downeast cider and Narragansett tall boys, and contemplate the importance of local sourcing as they chow pizzas topped by Wellfleet cherrystone clams and Baffoni Farm eggs. Winner: everybody (617-764-4190).