Are These Boston's Best Burgers? Vote Now!

By Scott Kearnan | June 24, 2014 By Scott Kearnan  |  June 24, 2014

Boston loves its burgers. Whether simple but well done (no pun intended) or piled high with creative toppings, there are seemingly endless permutations of patties around the city.

It was hard to narrow things down, but we chose 30 Boston favorites to put into our national Burger Survey here. But we need your help to declare a winner. Does Craigie on Main's storied Craigie Burger still outdo the new upstarts, like Alden & Harlow's Secret Burger? When it comes to burgers, does the Four Seasons' classy Bristol Lounge outshine the simple perfection of the seaside shanty Sullivan's Castle Island? And how does Boston-born brand Tasty Burger stack up against NYC-based import Shake Shack (pictured)? 

Only you can decide. Click here and vote away, then spread the word. The title of Boston's best burger depends on it.

Places Mentioned

The Bristol Lounge

AmericanPark Square
Food24 Decor26 Service26 Cost$64

Shake Shack

Fast FoodNewton
Food20 Decor15 Service16 Cost$14

Craigie On Main

Food26 Decor22 Service24 Cost$90

Alden & Harlow

New AmericanCambridge
Food25 Decor24 Service24 Cost$49

Tasty Burger

Food22 Decor15 Service18 Cost$14

Tasty Burger

BurgerSouth Boston
Food22 Decor15 Service18 Cost$14

Tasty Burger

Food22 Decor15 Service18 Cost$14

Sullivan's Castle Island

AmericanSouth Boston
Food23 Decor14 Service23 Cost$10

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