Barbara Lynch Talks to TIME About Female Chefs

By Scott Kearnan  |  November 15, 2013

TIME has added an online follow-up to its recent print cover story, The Gods of Food, which has been roundly criticized for not including any female chefs in its list of most influential industry players. The piece defends the original list while also exploring some of the obstacles female chefs face in the kitchen. Among those who talk back about the issue is Boston's own top toque Barbara Lynch, the restaurateur behind icons like Menton, No. 9 Park and B&G Oysters. Lynch is candid about barriers she's encountered due to her sex and, for that matter, her hometown. (On her cookbook Stir: "Publishers said, well you’re not going to get very much money because you’re a woman and you’re not on TV and you’re not in New York.") And though Lynch has never been the type to hunger for the spotlight, she says she now wants to more greatly embrace the celebrity side of the chef world. (Maybe seeing her Menton chef de cuisine Kristen Kish win Top Chef was a bit of inspiration too?) “I used to think the fame part was a pain in the ass," she tells TIME. "I thought it took too much and it was too phony. Now I will grasp the fame and the public image because I think I can inspire people. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about the next generation. We need more women in this business." To hear more from female chefs on the TIME debacle, head here