Best Thing We Ate

Best Thing We Ate: Rotisserie at Firebrand Saints

By Scott Kearnan  |  February 11, 2014

Last week we scoured the city for some of the best spicy sauces out there. We spoke too soon. Add to the list the five (!) house made varieties at Firebrand Saints, already dubbed one of the most innovative restaurants out there. The spot from chef-owner Gary Strack (also the man behind Central Kitchen and Brick & Mortar) turns out an impressive rotisserie platter for two ($14) laden with hand-sliced porchetta and roast beef, grilled country sourdough and house made pickles. But it's the variety of hot sauces that really ignite taste buds. You'll find: "FbS house tabasco" of red jalapeños, anaheims, and sweet red peppers that have been salt cured for three weeks. The Brazilian Samba Sauce has Thai chilis, habaneros, and garlic that has been pickled for three months, then sautéed and blended with herbs and EVOO. The "Fiery Hot Mustard" has habanero, papaya and orange juice. The All American Peach BBQ sauce is exactly as it sounds, and the Thousand Island-style "secret sauce" features house made aioli, mustard and cured sweet pickles. Secret's out: this is delicious.