Boston's 9 Best Bacon Dishes

By Scott Kearnan  |  May 12, 2014

We've lived through cupcake crazes. We've endured the Era of Kale. But America's love affair with bacon is a timeless thing, so we've gathered a handful of new and classic plates around town that feature it - either proudly and unadulterated, or in some creative contexts. Still want more? Mark your calendars for 10 AM on Friday, May 16. That's when $47 tickets go on sale here for the annual Bacon and Beer Festival, a fundraiser for Community Servings and Lovin' Spoonfuls that will feature 60-plus participating brewers and restaurants, including The Gallows, Merrill & Co., Aquitaine and The Salty Pig. (There's even a bacon-themed art show.) They always sell out within minutes - but if for any reason you can't score them, consider this guide a sizzling backup plan. 

  • Potato With Seven Bacon Tips at The Tip Tap Room 

    What's better than potato topped with bacon? Try a potato ($12.95) topped with seven types of bacon. For the record, they are: pancetta, Applewood, pork belly, prosciutto, wild boar, smokehouse and chef Brian Poe’s housemade "Beacon Hill Bacon." Oh, and there's more: the taters are also served with fried oysters, serrano pico and a beer cheese sauce. Heaven is a place on Earth. 

    138 Cambridge St.; 857-350-3344

  • Chocolate-Covered Bacon at Trina's Starlite Lounge

    There are a number of variations of this ultradecadent dish around town, but we'd say Trina's has the tastiest take on chocolate-covered bacon ($4.50) on its brunch menu. Salty, sweet, and sizzling. 

    3 Beacon St., Somerville; 617-576-0006

  • Bacon Fritter at 80 Thoreau

    It's worth taking a midnight (okay, dinner-hour) ride to Concord for this inventive bacon fritter on the charcuterie plate ($13). It's made with house-cured bacon, shallots and russet potato; they are shaped into a patty, breaded, deep-fried and then served with horseradish crème fraîche.

    80 Thoreau St., Concord; 978-318-0008

  • Bacon 3-Way at Park

    Two is company, three's a crowd. Except with bacon, where we say: the more, the merrier! The Bacon 3-Way ($12) is a crispy threesome of speck with favas and Romano, pork rillette with ciabatta crisps and whole grain mustard, and smoked bacon with sourdough flapjacks and a strawberry-rhubarb compote. 

    59 John F. Kennedy St.; 617-491-9851

  • Bourbon, Butterscotch & Bacon Doughnut at Scampo

    Chef Lydia Shire recently rolled out a new brunch menu at her West End Italian in the Liberty Hotel. Among the highlights are these sweet new doughnuts ($11) glazed with bourbon, butterscotch and bits of bacon. 

    215 Charles St.; 617-536-2100

  • Brown-Butter Bacon Donut at Island Creek Oyster Bar

    Because you can never have too many bacon-related doughnuts to devour, we also give a nod to this version ($10) from the dessert menu at ICOB. The donut is glazed with maple and brown butter, then topped with pecan-toffee crunch and crispy bacon.

    500 Commonwealth Ave.; 617-532-5300

  • Bacon Scallion Hash at The Bacon Truck

    Take a deep breath. Yes, it's true: Boston is home to a bacon-devoted food-truck concept. And boy, is it worth tracking down. From Nutella-covered bacon to sandwiches loaded with crispy strips, the Bacon Truck is a thing to behold. But we have to give a little extra love to the bacon scallion hash with sour cream. It drives us hog wild. 

  • Clam and Bacon Pizza at Area Four

    Area Four has a reputation for its delicious pizza varieties, but this one takes the cake (or rather, pie). The clam and bacon pizza ($16.50) is topped with Wellfleet cherrystones, clam sauce, pecorino, hot pepper and, of course, big, beautiful bits of bacon.  

    500 Technology Sq., Cambridge; 617-758-4444

  • Curley's Cracka Jack at jm Curley

    Now a signature snack at the Downtown gastropub, the Cracka Jack ($6) is a bag of caramel candied popcorn, roasted peanuts and bacon. And as with the tasty treat of your childhood ball games, there is a prize inside. 

    21 Temple Pl; 617-338-5333