Boston's 8 Most Decadent Chocolate Desserts

By Scott Kearnan  |  April 14, 2014
Credit: Mike Diskin

Beware: What follows may cause extreme sweet-tooth cravings. These are 8 of the most indulgent, but still sophisticated, chocolate desserts around Boston. Let us know if we missed any of your local favorites in the comments below. 

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Souffle at Towne Stove & Spirits

    Why We Love It: Because peanut butter and chocolate is a match made in a sweets lover's heaven. Think of this as your classy version of a Reese's combo: Valhrona chocolate dripping in peanut butter anglaise and accompanied by salted peanut brittle. There's no wrong way to eat it.

    Price: $12

    900 Boylston St.; 617-247-0400

  • Credit: Jacki Morisi

    Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake from Rialto

    Why We Love It: Because when it comes to decadence, cheesecake takes the, well, cake. Made with 73% El Ray dark chocolate, it's accompanied by a crumble of whole-grain farro, bits of sweet honeycomb candy and cherries cooked in lemon, orange zest and brandy. Reduced cherry sauce and a generous dollop of crème fraîche complete the plate. Rich and gorgeous.

    Price: $12

    1 Bennett St., Cambridge; 617-661-5050

  • Credit: Heath Robbins

    Boston Cream Pie at Legal Harborside

    Why We Love It: Because for an affordable chocolate fix, you can't help but swoon over the (very) copious slather of gooey chocolate that accompanies this take on the Massachusetts official state dessert, served at our homegrown restaurant chain's equally large, three-floor oceanfront flagship.

    Price: $6.50

    270 Northern Ave.; 617-477-2900

  • Chocolate Pistachio Crêpes at The Blue Room

    Why We Love It: Because we could just (French) kiss these chocolate and pistachio crêpes, filled with a ganache of cocoa powder made with Valrhona chocolate and 70% dark chocolate. At the very least, they're making our lips smack awfully hard.

    Price: $9

    1 Kendall Square, Cambridge; 617-494-9034

  • Les Bois at Clio

    Why We Love It: Because it comes from pastry chef Monica Glass, named one of Food & Wine's Best New Pastry Chefs in 2013. Okay, we love it because this chocolate crémeux dish is made with a mix of Valrhona chocolates: 66% Alpaco chocolate and Jivara Lactee, plus maple, sumac and white birch ice cream. That it comes from Glass just ensures it will be perfectly prepared each time.

    Price: $13

    370A Commonwealth Ave.; 617-536-7200

  • Credit: Mike Diskin

    Chocolate Bread Pudding at Cafe Fleuri

    Why We Love It: Because it's a consistent standout at Cafe Fleuri's legendary Saturday chocolate bar, celebrating its 25th year as a buffet-style spread of sweet and even savory chocolate-based dishes. The bread pudding is semisweet Valrhona chocolate and served with housemade crème anglaise.

    Price: $42 per person ($29 for kids)

    250 Franklin St.; 617-451-1900

  • Chocolate Torte at Mistral

    Why We Love It: Because the flagship of the fine-dining folks at Columbus Hospitality Group serves a super-sweet finish with this dessert menu entry, made with Valrhona dark chocolate and served warm with vanilla ice cream and sauce anglaise.

    Price: $13

    223 Columbus Ave.; 617-867-9300

  • Taza Chocolate Crémeux at Harvest

    Why We Love It: Because Harvest's pastry chef, Brian Mercury - named People's Best Pastry Chef by Food & Wine last year - keeps it local. The crémeux is made with Cambridge-based Taza chocolate and served with caramel and sea salt that Mercury makes himself from local ocean water.

    Price: $11

    44 Brattle St.; 617-868-2255