Boston's Most Expensive Dishes & Drinks

By Scott Kearnan  |  May 13, 2014

Suddenly find yourself with a windfall inheritance? Celebrating a generous pay raise? Just feel like eating well and in a fiscally irresponsible way? Behold. We've scoured the city to bring you a handful of lavish plates and ultraexpensive beverages that will make you feel like a high-life-living power player. Restraint and modesty have their place, but if you're looking to engage in seriously conspicuous consumption, here's how. 

  • Wagyu Beef Spring Roll at Davio's 

    Traditional Philly cheesesteak rolls (pictured) are one of the staple bar plates at Davio's, but culinary director Rodney Murillo offers an (incredibly) upscale version by request only. For $100 per spring roll, you can have one made with Wagyu beef infused with 10-herb white-truffle butter, plus golden onions sautéed in champagne. To top it off: 18-month aged Montgomery cheddar cheese and a healthy helping of shaved black truffles. It's served with the kitchen's signature ketchup and aïoli, both made with Espelette pepper.

    75 Arlington St.; 617-357-4810

  • Grand Omakase at O Ya

    It's a legendary experience: the 22-course grand omakase at O Ya, one of Boston's finest and priciest restaurants, will take you several hours to get through. It's worth every minute. And also every dollar - all $275 of them. 

    9 East St.; 617-654-9900

  • The White Pearl Pairing at The Beehive

    From fundraising galas to Nantucket weddings, raw bars are fixtures at ritzy summer parties in New England. Consider this the personal pop-up version. Patio guests at The Beehive can order the new White Pearl Pairing and find their tables reset with crisp white linens and a raw-bar platter: shrimp, oysters, clams, tuna tartare, mussels and more. It’s complemented by two bottles of ’96 Salon Le Mesnil Blanc de Blanc champagne. Sure, the spread runs a tab of $1,250 for up to six guests - but you didn’t leave your rich tastes on the Vineyard, did you, Muffy?

    541 Tremont St.; 617-423-0069

  • Billionaire Bijou at Wink & Nod

    You don't need a billion dollars to order this drink - but you will need to shell out a hefty $100. The cocktail is a combination of rare Nolet Reserve gin, Martini Gran Lusso, Chartreuse VEP and Léone saffron-infused French orange bitters - a very small-batch ingredient that's unavailable on the general market and handmade by general manager Curtis McMillan's pal in France. Cheers!

    3 Appleton St.; 617-482-0117

  • Caviar Service at Bogie's Place

    This intimate, reservations-only steakhouse at the rear of jm Curley boasts a Russian-style caviar service ($120) with American sturgeon and chilled vodka. Somehow the experience is made even more enjoyable by the hideaway location - in a restaurant where bacon-filled bags of "Cracka Jack" and burgers slathered in "Doritos Cool Ranch" sauce are served just feet away. 

    21 Temple Pl.; 617-338-6333

  • Truffle-Studded Roasted Chicken at Deuxave

    There's nothing inherently decadent about roasted chicken, but naturally Deuxave chef Chris Coombs isn't content to keep it old-fashioned. Going for roughly $100 (depending on the market price), his whole roasted chicken is stuffed with black truffles, taking the bird to new heights.

    371 Commonwealth Ave.; 617-517-5915

  • St. Feuillien Belgian Tripel Salmanazar at Eastern Standard

    The Kenmore Square favorite is well-known for its standout cocktail program, but there are also some impressive picks on its reserve beer list. Among them: a nine-liter (!) bottle of St. Feuillien Belgian Tripel, a smooth, sweet, slightly yeasty brew that will run your tab a cool $675. You'll need a drink (or ten) after signing that slip. 

    528 Commonwealth Ave.; 617-532-9100

  • Wagyu Steak at Oishii

    Another upscale sushi spot in Boston, Oishii offers an $80 8-oz. Wagyu steak, which isn't exactly inexpensive - but it becomes a truly eye-popping proposition if you add shaved truffles to the tune of $250. 

    1166 Washington St.; 617-482-8868

  • Boston unCommon Roll at Haru

    Lavish but affordable, here's how the 99% eat like the 1%. This roll of crunchy, spicy salmon, tuna, avocado and mango glitters with edible flakes of 24K gold leaf on top. If you want to feast like King Midas on a commoner's budget ($18), this is the way to go.

    55 Huntington Ave.; 617-536-0770