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Star-Filled Lineup at the Boston Wine Expo

By Scott Kearnan | January 16, 2014 By Scott Kearnan  |  January 16, 2014

Food and wine lovers will be pleased to know that the former is receiving as much attention as the latter at this year's Boston Wine Expo, coming up on February 15 and 16 at the Seaport World Trade Center. Though the exhibition of 1,800-plus international wine bottlings is predictably on point, the event is also calling in some culinary heavyweights. The Expo has announced that its Celebrity Chef Stages will showcase stars like Barbara Lynch (No. 9 ParkSportelloMenton), Ming Tsai (Blue Ginger; Blue Dragon), Jody Adams (Trade; Rialto) and Michael Schlow (Alta Strada; Via Matta; Tico) to name a few. That doesn't include the lineup of restaurants that will be serving noshes to attendees throughout the weekend, including Abby Park, Estelle's Southern Cuisine, La Morra and Petit Robert Bistro

Also intriguing: the Expo's emphasis on social media. A "Social Media Lounge," located in the center of the Grand Tasting floor, will give guests a birds-eye view of which wines attendees “like” best via mobile app streaming. Visitors will also be encouraged to use mobile app Drync to assemble a "personal wine cellar" to scan the labels of preferred bottles sampled, see pairing suggestions, and place an order.  For tickets ($95-$145), head here

Places Mentioned

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No.9 Park

FrenchBeacon Hill
Food26 Decor24 Service26 Cost$86
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ItalianSeaport District
Food26 Decor19 Service23 Cost$53
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FrenchSeaport District
Food27 Decor27 Service27 Cost$144
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Food22 Decor22 Service20 Cost$44
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Rialto Restaurant

Food26 Decor25 Service25 Cost$64
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Alta Strada

Food23 Decor19 Service20 Cost$38
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Latin AmericanBack Bay
Food22 Decor18 Service18 Cost$48
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Blue Dragon

AsianSouth Boston
Food25 Decor22 Service24 Cost$38
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Blue Ginger

Food26 Decor23 Service25 Cost$55
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Abby Park

Food22 Decor21 Service23 Cost$41
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La Morra

Food25 Decor21 Service23 Cost$52

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