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Patty Chen's Dumpling Room: Sneak Peek, Full Menu

By Scott Kearnan  |  September 6, 2013

Foodies, behold. Ever since Pu Pu Hot Pot closed in June, cult-like fans of the Central Square Chinese spot (which was responsible for the title of an entire book on amazing restaurant names) have been in mourning. No more. An opening is imminent for its new, improved and elevated reincarnation: Patty Chen's Dumpling Room. Take a glimpse of the new interior, padded out with modern-diner tabletops, lantern-like light fixtures and some pretty nifty wallpaper, if we do say so. (Plus a wide-screen TV for screening, say, K-Pop videos.) Hungry for more? Here's the full final menu for Dumpling Room, chock-full of six-to-an-order savory dumplings (like kimchi, soupy pork buns and a rotating dumpling of the day), trios of sweet dumplings (nutella and banana, sweet red bean) and about a dozen different boba (bubble) tea flavors: honeydew, papaya, sweet taro, coffee, milk chocolate, to name a few. They're even available in shareable 32-oz "boba bowls." Final inspections are underway, so expect the dumplings to drop within days, though bento box lunch catering is already available. Also coming soon: brunch service, plus another reincarnated venue from Chen and husband Marc Shulman. The couple also ran the recently-shuttered All Asia Bar, which is gearing up to reopen before year's end as Prospect Lounge with upscale cuisine, craft beers, an elevated mixology program, and a live music performances designed to max out its 225-person capacity. Sounds like a fine prospect, but until then dumplings will do just fine.