Hot Plate: Bistro du Midi's Haul of White Truffles

By Scott Kearnan  |  October 16, 2013

The arrival of truffle season is sort of like Christmas morning for foodies: it makes our heart aglow, puts a tear in our eye, and suddenly makes us inclined to give the world a big warm hug. (Is that too dramatic? Fine. Shorter: Everyone. Loves. Truffles.) Consider this an early holiday gift: white truffles have arrived in Boston at Bistro du Midi. Chef Robert Sisca received his fresh haul (he sent us the photo of his arrivals) last night from Alba, Italy, making Bistro's the first kitchen in Boston to start offering them up. Sisca will now serve them with housemade tagliatelle, parmesan and preserved lemon, and the plate will be served to tables in a cloche: adding some refined, festive drama that befits our favorite fungi (617-426-7878).