What's for Lunch: Roasted Acorn Squash Soup at Prezza

By Scott Kearnan  |  October 1, 2013

Picture it: a New England fall. (It's not hard, just look outside.) Now picture this: a New England fall poured into a bowl. A hot bowl. A hot, delicious bowl. Having trouble? Look no further than the roasted acorn squash soup at Prezza. Chef-owner Anthony Caturano's North End gem just updated its fall menu, and there are a number of especially autumnal selections in the mix. Wild mushroom risotto, grilled quail with bacon, pumpkin ravioli and pumpkin Napoleon all sound like hearty options for a post-apple picking dinner. But this sumptuous soup really deserves top billing. A steaming bowl with seasonal flavors (the roasted acorn squash is accompanied by toasted hazelnuts and lobster mushroom) and a luscious mouthfeel, it's the epitome of soul-warming fall fare.

24 Fleet St.; 617-227-1577