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Jackson Cannon's Sage Advice, Todd English's Figs Is Temporarily Closed

By Scott Kearnan  |  July 24, 2014

Jackson Cannon's "Tales of the Cocktail" letter goes viral. It's sort of the "Tales of the Cocktail" version of a super-shareable commencement speech. Cannon (beverage guru behind The Hawthorne, Eastern Standard, Island Creek Oyster Bar) took part in a "Letters to a Young Bartender" panel at last weekend's 12th annual industry summit, Cannon had scored a Spirited awards nomination for "Best Bar Mentor." (The Hawthorne was also nominated for "Best American Hotel Bar.") Cannon's letter, addressed to his younger self, has since gone fairly viral, and it's no wonder. The heartfelt, biz- and life-advice filled missive has plenty of sage advice that readers of any occupational stripe can appreciate, and that might best be summed up in two words: "Be known." You can read the full letter here. Then check out our recap of the 10 Best Things We Drank at Tales of the Cocktail

The Painted Burro will send you to Cancun — sort of.  Yesterday was "National Hot Dog Day." Today, evidently, it's "National Tequila Day." To celebrate, The Painted Burro is launching a new "Agave Club" that gives guests an excuse to sample their way through the restaurant's entire tequila and mezcal selectin The (ongoing, obviously) deal is this: sip through 25 varieties and you'll earn a margarita-making kit with glasses and tools; after 50, you'll earn a four-course, tequila-paired dinner for two; and if you go through 100, you'll earn round trip airfare to Cancun, Mexico. Cheers to that! 

Figs is closed. For now. Or longer? The Beacon Hill location of Todd English's Figs is "temporarily closed for renovations," according to a door sign spied last evening by Boston writer Megan Johnson, and confirmed by a few other industry watchers. Sound familiar? Earlier this year, English's Beacon Hill bakery Isabelle's Curly Cakes was ostensibly closed for the same reason; it was later reported as permanently closed, amid another set of accusations against English over unpaid rent. (Previously English was slapped with a $1 million lawsuit over unpaid rent by the landlord of his late restaurant Kingfish Hall. And last year Olives' landlord obtain court approval to close that restaurant "as he battled with English to recoup $723,000 in back rent," according to The Boston Globe.) We've reached out to a rep for English about the state of Figs. No response yet, but we'll update as more info becomes available. UPDATE: A rep for English has responded that the restaurant is closed for "minor maintenance repairs" and will "reopen for business as usual this weekend."