Lineage Fires Up Wood Oven

By Scott Kearnan  |  October 15, 2013

Smell something delicious? Feel a little toasty? If you answered yes to the first, you're probably getting whiffs of the new roasted dishes at Lineage. (But uh, if you answered yes to the second, you might want to pull your seat away from the fire.) This week the Brookline restaurant fires up its wood oven, and introduces a selection of new appetizers and entrees that sound spot-on and seasonal. Among the rustic, roasted new additions are bone marrow with pork cheeks and pickled hot peppers (shown), braised pork shanks with red peas and cauliflower, and baby carrots with crab apple salad and manchego. Of course, it would be sacrilege to be in possession of a wood oven and not serve up some pizzas, so expect to find new flatbread pie with weekly rotating toppings. We're super-stoked (617-232-0065).