Coming Soon: More Details on Fort Point Spot Pastoral

By Scott Kearnan  |  January 7, 2014

By now, you've probably scoped our 2014 preview of Boston's Most Anticipated Openings. (If not, get to clicking.) Among them is Pastoral, the upcoming Fort Point restaurant focusing on hearty, countryside-inspired and "peasant-style dishes" from former Metropolitan restaurants chef Todd Winer. With its mid-February opening imminent, we were able to suss out some exciting details about the space. Here's what we learned: 

Its pizza oven will be volcanic. Pastoral will be only the second Massachusetts restaurant currently certified by the U.S. and Canadian branch of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the international board governing authentic Neapolitan pizza-making. That's already quite a distinction. But here's a cool note: the wood-fired pizza oven in Pastoral's open kitchen, imported from Naples, will weigh 6,000 pounds and is made from the stone and sand of famed Mt. Vesuvius.

Winer will sell his sauce. And more. Like what you taste? No need for a doggy bag. Winer will be making all his rotating pastas in-house, as well as his own buratta, mozzarella and ricotta. Pastoral will offer all his pasta, cheeses and sauces packaged for sale to guests.

There will be (lots) of beer. Pastoral's beverage program promises some exclusive American and European wines, including several served on tap. But there will also be 20 craft draught beers handpicked by Winer. Feeling spirited? The bar will boast a special selection of beer cocktails.

It will look like this: Expect exposed copper pipes, polished concrete floors and brick walls adorned with rotating works from Fort Point's tight-knit artist community. Light fixtures made of milk bottles and milk crates will hang over simple, rustic wood tables and leather, diamond-tuft banquettes. There will be chef and communal dining tables, including a six-top of reclaimed barn wood and a high top zinc work bench for 12. A garage door opens to the outside world. Think: rural Americana by way of industrial Fort Point.

There will be lunch, dinner, takeout - and sidewalk seating. Though it abounds in the neighboring Seaport, there's not exactly an overabundance of outdoor dining for Fort Point restaurants. But Pastoral will have "European-style sidewalk seating" where guests can take their lunch or dinner. There will also be an area for takeout.