Rialto Rolls Out Craft Mocktails

By Scott Kearnan  |  October 11, 2013

To be honest, most attempts at alcohol-free drink menus fall as flat as knock-off name brand soda. Which is too bad: sometimes it's nice to have a non-cocktail option that doesn't make us sound like we're ordering for the kids' table. ("Oh, I'll just have a Shirley Temple. I guess.") So thumbs up to Rialto, which just launched its Senso Spirito list: "crafted cocktails without the spirits." The still-growing selection includes tasty sippers that are each named after a region from Italy, including the San Gimignano (pictured, a refreshing spritz of soda water and orange flower syrup with citrus fruits) and the Amalfi Coast (jasmine tea with lime and grapefruit bitters). One ingredient we don't miss: hangovers (617-661-5050).