9 Boston Restaurants Featured in Films

By Scott Kearnan  |  August 12, 2013

Boston's a beautiful city, and over the last decade or so, Hollywood has come to realize how great we look on screen. As more movies are made in the Hub, plenty of restaurants have wound up earning cameos. If you're looking to recreate some of the scenes shared by famous actors, here's a guide to a few spots that have earned close-ups throughout the recent Boston film boom. 

  • Sorellina: Seen in Ted

    It was hard to contain our laughter while watching last summer’s hit Ted, which stars Boston native Mark Wahlberg as an overgrown man-boy with an odd best friend: a crude, talking stuffed bear. Sorellina was used as the location for “Ciao Baby’s,” where Wahlberg and Mila Kunis’ characters celebrate their anniversary.

    1 Huntington Ave.; 617-412-4600

  • Gaslight: Seen in Knight and Day

    The South End brasserie provided the cool setting for a scene in the funny thriller where Tom Cruise kidnaps co-star Cameron Diaz at gunpoint. But don’t worry: the only cool metal in everyone else’s hands is a fork.

    560 Harrison Ave.; 617-422-0224

  • Sonsie: Seen in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

    Matthew McConaughey is revisited by a litany of old flames in this romantic comedy. Some of the romantic dinner flashbacks were filmed at this Newbury Street see-and-be-seen spot. No surprise: it’s definitely a hit with Back Bay singles on the prowl.

    327 Newbury St.; 617-351-2500

  • Aquitaine: Seen in The Social Network

    Brilliant minds must be fed well, so it makes sense that Aquitaine served as the setting for dinner between Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network, about the Harvard-rooted founding of Facebook.

    569 Tremont St.; 617-424-8577

  • South Street Diner: Seen in 21

    Speaking of brainy college types, 24-hour spot South Street Diner hosted a meeting with Kevin Spacey and other “members” of the MIT Blackjack Team as they plan a casino heist in the 2008 flick.

    178 Kneeland St.; 617-350-0028

  • Chart House: Seen in Gone Baby Gone

    There are plenty of questions in the mystery flick Gone Baby Gone, which stars Casey Affleck as a private investigator searching for a missing girl. But we know the Boston-set film made plenty use of local locations. Exhibit A: Chart House, a landmark restaurant on Long Wharf.

    60 Long Wharf; 617-227-1576

  • Bistro du Midi: Seen in What’s Your Number?

    Plenty of Boston women probably appreciated the struggling single-woman woes of Anna Faris in this 2011 comedy (that it co-starred hunky Boston native Chris Evans probably didn’t hurt). But foodies will have appreciated and picked up on the use of Bistro du Midi in some of the dining scenes.

    272 Boylston St.; 617-426-7878

  • L Street Tavern: Seen in Good Will Hunting

    We wanted to focus mainly on more recent Boston-filmed flicks for this list, but it’s hard to not acknowledge Good Will Hunting. The Academy Award-winning film that launched Ben Affleck and Matt Damon also introduced a new generation of movie fans to Boston’s photogenic properties. The Southie bar doubled as a popular hangout for Harvard students in "Hunting."

    658 E. Eighth St.; 617-268-4335

  • Doyle’s Cafe: Seen in My Best Friend’s Girl

    Tucked away in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood, this pub is an old-school landmark. You'll find a frill-free taproom with above-average pub grub that attracts local politicos. Comedians too flock to this joint (and not just those who are funny after a pint): Dane Cook filmed parts of his flick My Best Friend’s Girl here.

    3484 Washington St., Jamaica Plain; 617-524-2345