The 10 Most Searched Boston Restaurants in 2013

By Scott Kearnan  |  December 19, 2013

The results are in for Google Zeitgeist, which compiles the most searched terms of the year. There are a few surprises, and a few expected appearances: arrested New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez was the most-searched athlete, the Boston Marathon the most searched event. In less dour news, unless you're Billy Ray, Miley Cyrus rode high on a wrecking ball among pop stars. 

But what about restaurants? We took a look at which Boston-area dining destinations had fingertips tapping across keyboards. And here's the countdown of the Boston market's 10 most-searched restaurants for 2013. 

  • #10. Oishii

    The only Japanese spot in the most-searched restaurants, Oishii boasts famously fab (and yes, expensive) sushi at its South End, Chestnut Hill, and Sudbury restaurants. Obviously word gets out well beyond Boston — because when visitors are looking for a  fix, they're calling up contact info for this constantly high-rated gem (978-440-8300).

  • #9. Ten Tables

    There are now three locations: Jamaica Plain, Cambridge and Provincetown. But there's only one reason that the faithful flock to the intimate dining rooms at Ten Tables: a farm-to-fork philosophythat shines through eclectic New American plates in warm, cozy environs among similarly like-minded food lovers (617-524-8810).

  • #8. Trade

    Her Harvard Square Italian Rialto is now a landmark, but chef Jody Adams' newer venture, Trade on Atlantic Wharf, has the kind of buzz that keeps folks searching for it. The creative cocktails and minimalist, warehouse-like aesthetic has made it an especially popular pick among young professionals who wander over from the neighboring Financial District (617-451-1234).

  • #7. Grill 23

    Arguably Boston's famous well-known steakhouse, Grill 23 is a longstanding icon in the local restaurant scene: the site of wheeling, dealing and countless wedding rehearsal dinners. Plus, it's a must-stop for any self-respecting carnivore (617-542-2255).

  • #6. Lucca

    Romantic ambience, robust Italian plates and hours that satisfy late night noshing. There's a lot to like about the North End and Back Bay locations of Lucca, and Google users evidently agree (617-742-9200).

  • #5. Strega

    Restaurateur Nick Varano takes a people-first approach to business; you'll almost always find him wandering the dining rooms at Strega and its Seaport spinoff, Strega Waterfront, shaking hands and kissing babies. (Sometimes figuratively, often literally.) That kind of hospitality has obviously helped propel its popularity (617-523-8481).

  • #4. Harvest

    The Next Iron Chef contestant Mary Dumont has made this Harvard Square American a destination for food lovers across Cambridge and Boston. Obviously its reputation for rustic elegance, fresh seafood and a standout pastry program has extended well into cyberspace (617-868-2255).

  • #3. Giacomo's

    Whether they're looking for the North End or South End locations, there are enough addicts of this cozy Italian eatery - legendary for its long wait times  - to launch it into the top three most searched restaurants (617-536-5723).

  • #2. B. Good

    The local farm-to-French fries chain of burger joints has obviously struck a chord with its healthy approach to fast food favorites. No wonder it has spawned outposts from Back Back to the South Shore (617-236-0440).

  • #1. Legal Sea Foods

    Is it the sheer number of locations? The brand recognition that extends well beyond New England? We can't be sure, but Boston-born seafood slinger Legal Sea Foods was the most searched Boston restaurant of the year. After decades in business, Legal still has its claws in diners (617-266-7775).