The White Stuff: 8 Labor Day Indulgences

By Scott Kearnan  |  August 29, 2013

Maybe you've heard that famous fashion admonition: no wearing white after Labor Day. Imagine if it applied to dining too. We shudder to think that come September our favorite creamy indulgences, cheesy edibles and most elegant atmospheres would ever be off-limits. So we compiled a quick bucket list of places and plates we'd want (no, need) to hit in the next few days. Old rules may not apply, but let's eat like they do anyway. 

  • Spiced Alexander at City Bar

    Were you expecting a White Russian? Predictable. We’re more in the mood for this autumnal take on the brandy Alexander, added to the fall cocktail list at the waterfront location of City Bar. It consists of Hennessey Black, white crème de cacao and cream topped with a pumpkin spice. Lovely to look at and has a luscious texture.

    425 Summer St.; 617-443-0888

  • White pizza at A4 Pizza Bar

    If you haven't yet popped into A4 in Somerville, which opened this summer as the pie-focused offshot of Cambridge's Area Four, here's an excuse (rather, several): its white pizza selection, which includes this Wellfleet cherrystone clam and bacon pizza. 

    445 Somerville Ave., Somerville; 617-764-4190

  • White chocolate at Prezza

    The North End restaurant might be best known for its upscale, old-world Italian entrees, but don't overlook dessert. We fiend for this white chocolate bread pudding, served with vanilla bean ice cream and creme anglais. 

    24 Fleet St.; 617-227-1577

  • White-tablecloth dining at L'Espalier

    They don't make them like they used to. Splurge dining no longer necessarily involves the formal feel of a white-tablecloth experience. But chef Frank McClelland's Back Bay gem never goes out of style for a special night out. 

    774 Boylston St.; 617-262-3023

  • White space plating at Puritan & Company

    It's all about presentation, presentation, presentation. And a positive use of negative space is a surefire way to make food look as good as it tastes. Chef Will Gilson is adroit at that; artful plating (as with this baby vegetable, pickled mushroom and farmer's cheese salad) is a standout at his Cambridge spot.  

    1166 Cambridge St., Cambridge; 617-615-6195

  • White wine at Troquet

    We hate to spoil a secret, but somehow, though it boasts one of the most acclaimed wine lists in the city, this Downtown bistro manages to slide largely under the radar. Which makes it a perfect place for a fall night rendezvous shared over a bottle of something crisp. (Or fruity. Or...) 

    140 Boylston St.; 617-695-9463

  • Vanilla ice cream at Toscanini's

    The local ice cream shop is famed for all its flavors, but it still gets the basics right. No: wonderful. While it's still (sort of) warm enough, lick up some lovely vanilla here. Plus, bonus: take-home containers. 

    899 Main St., Cambridge; 617-491-5877

  • Oysters and chowder at B&G Oysters

    Whether you want something shell-hard (fresh oysters) or creamy-smooth (famously delicious clam chowder), Barbara Lynch's South End spot is the perfect place to send off the summer the white way. Cheers! 

    550 Tremont St.; 617-423-0550