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Wahlburgers Expanding to Fenway and Philly, O Ya to New York

By Scott Kearnan  |  April 16, 2014

Wahlburgers expanding to Fenway. The small Boston-born chain Tasty Burger just teamed up with the stadium itself, but it seems that the famous Wahlberg brothers are taking their eponymous patty joint to the Fenway neighborhood too. According to a rep for Wahlburgers, the boys have signed a franchise deal that will bring five locations to the Philadelphia area over the next several years, plus two new local outposts: one at Market Street Center, a restaurant and retail development in the suburb of Lynnfield, and another near Fenway. That location will be a generous 4,200 square feet and will feature an outdoor patio. All appears to be going well for the brothers' efforts at burger world domination; their A&E Network reality show is receiving strong ratings and their first Toronto location is already set to open this summer. 

O Ya (might be) heading to NYC. Meanwhile Eater reports that one of the city's top-rated (and most expensive) restaurants is adding a New York location. Rumor has it that chef Tim Cushman's izakaya O Ya may be opening another location at the Park South Hotel, one of two new restaurants entering the property, which is undergoing renovations. Supposedly No. 9 Park vet Ted Kilpatrick will oversee the bar program at this new location, though the O Ya camp has yet to confirm the news. 

New Kings location damaged by fire. Alas, not all expansions are going according to plan. In unfortunate news, a fire this week destroyed much of the as-yet-unopened new location of Kings in Burlington. The new outpost of the Lyons Group's restaurant-slash-bowling palace is slated to be the largest location yet, a 30,000-square foot space with 20 lanes, a 48-seat theater and two bars. Although the space was slated to open in about two weeks, the fire was so devastating that the restaurant is now hoping "to be open within a year," according to a statement from the owner.