Weekend Planner

Where to Brunch This Weekend: PARK

By Scott Kearnan  |  December 13, 2013

Tack on brunch to a Harvard Square holiday shopping trip this weekend with stop in to the cozy, parlor-like PARK. The restaurant just added a brunch menu to its existing spread of solid, un-fussy American fare, including the New England Bennie, two crabcakes topped with poached eggs, creamed spinach and Old Bay hollandaise; and duck confit with sweet potato hash. The menu comes from chef Mark Goldberg, who just took over as culinary director for the Grafton Group. So if you haven't yet visited Grafton's other restaurants, fellow Cambridge favorites Russell House Tavern, Temple Bar and Grafton Street, this might offer a clue to the direction Goldberg will take Park (617-491-9851).