Boston Diners Are Tech-Savvy, Good Tippers

By Scott Kearnan  |  December 3, 2013

A few months ago we released the results of the 2014 Zagat Boston Restaurants Survey, which revealed some of the highest rated restaurants in the city based on food, decor, and more. But we've also collected some interesting stats that shed a bit more light on the dining habits of Bostonians.

For starters, Boston diners eat out less frequently than those in other cities: typically about 3.7 meals per week (lunch and dinner combined) compared to a national average of 4.4. (We seem to be especially light on lunching: 1.6 lunches out per week versus 2.1 on the national average.) But at least we're putting that money we save to good use, because contrary to stereotypes of Yankee frugality, Bostonians tip above the national average: 19.3% of the bill, versus 19.0% on average. Bostonians are also notably tech-savvy, with 66% typically making their restaurant reservation online; that's up there with Washington DC (69%) and SF (68%).

As for pet peeves? "Noise" was rated the greatest source of irritation for Boston diners (23%), slightly above "Service" (21%) and "Prices" (18%). And while Bostonians might be tech-savvy, we also know when it's time to put the devices away. While 83% of Hub dwellers say its “OK in moderation” or “perfectly acceptable” to take food photos, 60% find it “rude and inappropriate” to text, tweet, call or email from the table. To the other 40%: LOL.