Brooklyn Eatery Experiments With Silent Dinner

By Kelly Dobkin  |  September 18, 2013

You've heard of dining in the dark, but how about dining in complete silence? As a test run for what might become a monthly event, Eat restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is experimenting with "silent dinners" - serving up a four-course meal (with palate cleansers) in utter quiet for 90 minutes. Management was inspired to do this by a visit to an Indian Buddhist monastery. Also, there's punishment for talking during said meal - your plate will be taken away and you'll be forced to eat on a bench outside the silent area with other offenders (hmm doesn't sound so bad to us). Read more about this bizarre event here. Sounds like a stint ripe for Portlandia - check out a few other restaurants and bars that could also make fodder for the show here. [WSJ]