30 Under 30: Kevin Cary, the One Who Got Away

By Sarah Freeman  |  March 31, 2014

When we announced Chicago’s 2014 30 Under 30 honorees this morning, those who know the beer scene may have noticed an important person missing from the list. While fact checking and rigorously checking IDs like a nightclub bouncer, we discovered a small tragedy: one of the gentlemen from the Begyle Brewing trio missed the age cut-off by just one week. We know, but rules are rules.

Begyle Brewing would have never come to be were it not for Kevin Cary, a founding member. While attending college at Central Michigan University, earning a degree in accounting, he learned the art of home brewing. Following graduation, he moved to Chicago where he started working for partner Brendan Blume's pedicab company. While transporting tipsy sports fans to and from Cubs games, the idea to deliver beer via bicycle was born. While that business plan never came to fruition, the city’s first community-supported brewery did. At Begyle, Cary handles operations, marketing, sales, distribution and events.