7 Chicago Restaurants With Passover Specials

By Sarah Freeman  |  April 15, 2014

Today marks the first day of Passover, which means Jews around the city are eyeing that donut and sandwich with newfound envy. Don’t fear, Jewish brethren, just because you are observing Passover doesn’t mean dining out is out of the equation. While options are indeed limited, several establishments cater to Passover diners.

Important note: While these restaurants are offering dishes that abide by the rules of Passover - which basically eliminate all things leavened among a myriad of other dietary restrictions - they are not all certified kosher. Passover runs from last night until April 22.


The Bagel
Start the day with something that any good Jew knows a thing or two about: fried matzo. This dish is almost the equivalent to savory French toast, with soggy matzo soaked in egg batter and then fried until crisp and golden brown. An alternative to this savory staple are matzo meal pancakes, which are also on special this week.


Eleven City Diner
Both locations are offering gefilte fish, made from a family recipe that uses four types of fish, onions and fresh-cracked black pepper. There is no gelatin in this fish, which is why it won’t last long. Other specials for the week include whitefish salad, a chopped egg plate, brisket and sweet matzo kugel with Granny Smith apples, brown and golden raisins and brown sugar.

Goddess & the Grocer
This Jewish deli has the Passover spread covered with everything from matzo-crusted chicken breast to flourless chocolate decadence cake available to-go and for catering. In-store, the deli is offering traditional kugel, brisket, sweet potato latkes and specials such as the chopped liver sandwich with diced egg on matzo.


This may be a Jewish holiday, but chef Martial Noguier is keeping things French with a three-course Passover menu. The dinner starts with housemade chicken liver mousse, continues with seared Scottish salmon and concludes with poached spiced apricots. It is available nightly starting at 5 PM for $35.

Bub City
This barbecue house is keeping things meaty with its Passover offerings. Feast on Bub City’s pastrami platter. The classic combination features tender, house-smoked pastrami, latke chips and deli mustard. It is available for lunch and dinner. Sorry, you can’t have cornbread with that.

Matzo pizza made-to-order is just one of the Passover dishes available. The south side deli will serve traditional Jewish fare, including corned beef dinner
pastrami dinner, half roasted chicken and roasted brisket with a selection of sides such as beet borscht and kishke. For dessert, dine on macaroons or chocolate banana cake.


Magnolia Bakery
Just because cake and cookies are out of the question doesn’t mean Passover observers can’t indulge on dessert. This bakery whips up its signature Matzo Crunch, which is matzo layered with housemade buttercrunch candy, chocolate, white chocolate and toffee pieces. Mandel bread is also on the menu. This twice-baked sweet bread is loaded with chopped almonds and chocolate chips that is made with cake meal or pulverized matzo.