Beer News: New Bottles From Penrose, Begyle and Une Annee

By Sarah Freeman  |  July 14, 2014

The guys at Penrose have been busy. Although the Geneva, Illinois-based brewery only released beer onto the market three-months-ago, it is already bottling. As of last week, two flagship beers, Proto Gradus (Belgian-inspired single ale) and P-2 (Belgian-inspired pale ale) are available in four-packs in the taproom and in local retailers. Fans of their beer can also look for two of their newer beers on tap around the city, Desirous IPA and Devoir saison.

Begyle also broke in the bottle line this month. The community supported brewery is selling six-packs of Crash Landed (American pale wheat ale) out of the Ravenswood storefront and taproom. The brewery already sells this and other beers in large format bottles out of the brewery and at local specialty beer stores.

A new bottle size is now available on the shelves of Binny’s. Last week, Une Annee released its 500-ml size bottles (a step down from the large format 750 ml bombers). Inside these pint-sized bottles is Enkel (tart and fruity Abbey Ale), Less is More (hoppy session saison) as well as Maya (dry-hopped Belgian Golden Ale named after founder Jerry Nelson’s daughter). The brewery also has previously released a line of beer in the more common 750-ml size.