Chef’s Choice: Banana Bread at NoMI

By Sarah Freeman  |  April 22, 2014

Food envy is a common affliction that happens to the best of us. A hot plate of something delicious comes out of the kitchen, fills the dining room with smells that make heads turn at every table... and is not placed in front of you. To ensure that you don't overlook something special, we went straight to the experts - the chefs - and asked them which dish on their current menu is closest to their hearts - and most likely in their stomachs.

Most chefs know not to mess around with a good thing. Especially when it’s your mom’s banana bread recipe. To say that pasty chef Meg Galus put it on the NoMI's menu by popular demand would be an understatement. “Executive chef Ryan LaRoche made it a condition of my employment,” Galus said. “I used to make it for staff meal when we worked together at TRU, and it was his favorite thing. I still make him a large version for his birthday every year.”

The banana bread appears on the NoMI's menu during weekend brunch and at all other times via special request. The recipe is almost identical to the one used by her mother, whose recipe remains handwritten on a stained, smeared and greasy recipe card. The bread can be served warm or cold, plain or slathered with butter. Galus is even guilty of still licking the beater when she makes it - at home, not at the restaurant.