Details on River Roast’s Beer-Centric Beverage Program

By Sarah Freeman  |  March 31, 2014

Chicago 30 Under 30 honoree Michael Trow is the only one on this year’s list who works at an establishment that is not yet open. Since we can’t imbibe at River Roast - Tony Mantuano’s latest restaurant, taking over the former Fulton on the River space - we got an early look at Trow's beverage program.

With a focus on craft beer over craft sprits, the beverage program will feature 100 brews in both bottles and cans, in addition to a rotating draft list. The most notable component of the beer list is the in-house barrel-aged program, which uses barrels from its single-barrel whiskey collection to age local beers. Trow and the team are currently experimenting with smaller barrels and aging processes and then will expand the program to include multiple vintages and seasonal selections.

In addition to an impressive beer list, River Roast will feature a dozen classic cocktails as well as newer interpretations of those drinks. Half of those updated offerings will be mostly whiskey-based and the other half will focus on beer. For example, the restaurant will offer a signature old fashioned alongside its cousin, the In Fashion, featuring bourbon, amaro and lambic.

A boutique wine list of 80-100 bottles, highlighting smaller producers and wines centered around food, round out the program. The wines, like most of the beverage offerings, are designed to match Mantuano's and chef John Hogan’s menu.