First Look: Bar Takito Offers a Latin-Spin on Bar Food

By Sarah Freeman  |  August 21, 2014

The West Loop can be a hassle when it comes to dining, between long table waits and plates of overwrought food. Fortunately, there's a promising new casual spot, Bar Takito, from the taco pros behind Takito Kitchen. Read on to find out about its Mexican influenced menu.

201 N. Morgan St.; 312-888-9485

  • Food

    The menu is a mix of large and small plates, including ceviche and, yes, tacos. To start there's a beer cheese arepa topped with roasted mushroom, chorizo and aji peanut sauce, as well as must-try esquites – grilled corn with corn flan, queso fresco and brown butter. Tacos get creative with the likes of coffee-rubbed beef are wrapped in beer tortillas (which can also be ordered as a side for the culinary curious). Pork shoulder mixiotes is the showstopper of the bunch with chile and herb-rubbed pork shoulder cooked in banana leaves with mezcal and served with a side of tomato and avocado salad. 

  • Drink

    This place is all about the bar. In fact, there are two of them — one for booze and one for ceviche. On the liquor side of things, served at a 12-seat bar with a bright red backsplash and blue, green and red wood accents, spirits span south of the border from Mexico to South America. Naturally, there are traditional and cucumber margaritas as well as caipirinhas and micheladas. House cocktails use flavored ice and unique ingredients from olive oil to blood orange soda to keep flavors fresh. The Pisco Olivo combines grapefruit juice with honey, ginger, falernum and pisco with an olive oil drizzle. Or choose your own combination via the Choose Your Journey cocktail, made with blueberry and either vodka, rum, tequila or mezcal served over yuzu ice cubes.

  • Decor

    The bright, vibrant space has the feel of a salsa club and the energy. Seating is a mix of communal tables and more intimate seating options. To get a view of the cooking and cocktail action, opt for a seat at the main bar or ceviche bar or along the open kitchen. Keeping in tune with its sister spot, neon murals feature a mix of abstract and graffiti-style art. Overall, it's a festive space where you won't feel out of place ordering that second (or third) cocktail.