Green Street Smoked Meats Opens in the West Loop

By Sarah Freeman  |  February 5, 2014

Brendan Sodikoff openly admits that his last project, Dillman’s, was not his crown jewel. However, everyone is allowed one mistake, and his newest restaurant might be what the restaurateur needs to get his groove back. It’s a Texas-style warehouse of smoked meats and cheap beer that opened last night. Unlike anything else in Sodikoff’s portfolio (Maude’s Liquor Bar, Gilt Bar, Au Cheval and Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf), Green Street Smoked Meats is a down and dirty barbecue joint located in the same alley as RM Champagne Salon. Although - like what happened when Jewish deli lovers took offense with Dillman's - he will probably have just as many die-hard 'cue fans up in arms over his interpretation of smoked meat, something about the rolls of brown paper towels affixed to the picnic tables suggest he may have hit the mark with this one.

112 N. Green St.; 312-754-0431

  • The Space

    It’s quite the contrast from the bohemian bubbly happening next door. Guests enter through an unmarked door and into a corrugated metal shack that doubles as the entryway. Another door leads into the massive warehouse, where high ceilings have strings of lights strung from exposed rafters. Decor is minimal, unless you count the distresses and topless figurine that sits above the bar, seemingly guarding the mezcal, tequila and whiskey bottles. Concrete support beams double as coat racks, rows of wood picnic tables fill one side of the space, a rectangular bar sits in the middle, and a large smoker is the centerpiece in the back.

  • The Food

    Going into that smoker is a selection of meat - from brisket to chicken - that is being served up on large metal trays. Guests order at an L-shaped counter, where glass separates them from the hunks of meat being sliced on the other side. First, choose a protein by the half-pound, from brisket with a healthy char and tender center to pork ribs or belly. There are other smoked offerings available by the piece, such as chicken legs, salmon and hot links. Sides range from the traditional baked beans and potato salad to a surprisingly delicious Frito pie, served in a bag of corn chips. At the register, add a selection of cleverly named sauces - Leprechaun Tears and Texa$$ Squeeze - as well as soft-serve.

  • The Drinks

    Green Street makes the drink selection fairly simple. Near the entrance and next to the bar are three reclaimed sinks. Only one of them works, and it serves filtered water out of refurbished copper pipes. The other two are filled with $3 cans of beer and $4 bottles, including good ol' Miller High Life, Coors Banquet and PBR. For those who insist on cocktails, the bar offers a limited selection of house drinks including an Oaxacan old fashioned with mezcal, tequila, angostura and mole bitters as well as a Chartreuse Mule and Gin Radler. The agave- and whiskey-heavy spirits selection can be served by the shot, on the rocks or as a cocktail. But come on: $3 cans and meat on a tray! Can you really beat that?