Limited Time Only: Chocolate Canelé at Floriole

By Sarah Freeman  |  February 10, 2014

Summer strawberries, winter truffles and Cadbury Creme Eggs - the best things in life are often fleeting. Maybe it’s the idea of scarcity that makes the rare delicacies so delicious, but regardless, there’s no denying the fact that you need to get them while the getting’s good. Each Monday, we'll highlight a tasty dish or special that's available for a limited time only.

A canelé is an important member of the elite French pastry family. Up there with the macaron, it is a sweet that is difficult to perfect but impossible not to enjoy. A mysterious contrast of custard-like inside and crispy outside makes these two-inch-tall cakes a rare treat. Deep caramel in color, the pastries are made from a rich batter that is baked in individual copper molds until the inside becomes fluffy and moist while the outsize caramelizes into a chewy shell.

Floriole is considered to have some of the best canelé in the city, only rivaled by those made by the most disciplined pastry chefs at upscale restaurants. These sweets are available at the Lincoln Park bakery year-round and also at Intelligentsia in Logan Square and the new La Colombe cafe in Wicker Park. However, one thing that only the original cafe can boast is their chocolate sibling.

For the month of February only, this pristine pastry takes on a new look. Rather than the traditional rum-flavored center, the inside takes on a fudge-like chocolate filling. Subtle chocolate flavor works magically with the soft and moist texture. Each crisp bite through the shell reveals the tender interior. It's the Valentine's Day treat we've all been dreaming about.