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Local Foods to Open New Farmer's Market in Bucktown

By Sarah Freeman  |  April 16, 2014
Credit: Jeffrey Marini

As the local food movement becomes increasingly popular, we hear chefs and diners alike talking about a food’s distance. Its distance as in how far it travels from where it was grown to where it was plated. A new local food business, which is already connecting some of Chicago’s most locally conscious restaurants to nearby farmers, is getting ready to open a 27,000-sq.-ft. facility that will bring a plethora of local foods to the heart of Bucktown.

Local Foods was founded in early 2013 by Andrew Lutsey, in an attempt to make it easier for chefs to connect to local farmers for things like specialty greens, herbs, root vegetables, berries, tree fruits, grains, eggs, cheeses and pasture-raised meats. Many small farms do not have access to distributors, so Local Foods allows them to easily expand their reach to the food-driven city. For this past year the business has been expanding its purveyors and providing easy access to restaurant such as Trenchermen, Farmhouse, Inovasi and The Radler.

This fall it will open a new warehouse, retail space and market to allow locals to access the farm-to-table connection. The facility will allow customers access to hundreds of exclusively local, farm-direct products, several of which are sustainable and certified organic. The quasi-year-round farmer's market is scheduled to open this fall. Read more about it on Reader.