8 Amazing Roast Chicken Dishes to Try Around Chicago

By Sarah Freeman  |  August 24, 2015

A simple roast chicken is a beautiful thing, but it's not always an easy recipe to perfect. Time, temperature and the proper herbs and spices all play into making the dish exceptional. Here are eight options around Chicago that'd make your Grandma proud. 

  • Bavette's Bar and Boeuf

    This swanky steakhouse serves more than just fine cuts of beef. Its roasted chicken is served on the bone with lemon and rosemary over chicken jus. Make this decadent dish even more extravagant with the addition of wild mushrooms or roasted bone marrow.

    218 W. Kinzie St.; 312-624-8154

  • BOKA

    Just because a dish is a classic doesn't mean it needs to be boring. Since joining the team, executive chef Lee Wolen has changed the preparation of his roasted chicken six times. Currently, it features spring onion, pumpernickel and pickled mustard.

    1729 N. Halsted St.; 312-337-6070

  • The Bristol

    “When the job of executive chef was offered to me I wanted to change the entire menu so it represented me," Sean Pharr says. "I soon discovered more than anything it's a neighborhood joint with customers that come in because this place was as much theirs as it is mine now. So to honor and respect the guests that made The Bristol a success, I kept the chicken."

    2152 N. Damen Ave.; 773-862-5555

  • Formento's

    If you were blessed with an Italian grandmother, then chances are good that you are familiar with this traditional take on the roasted bird. Chef Tony Quartaro's uses an Amish chicken, rubbed with a compound butter of Sicilian oregano, garlic, rosemary and Parmesan, and roasted in a cast-iron pan. It is served with "Vesuvio potatoes" cooked in schmaltz until tender and then fried until crispy.

    925 W. Randolph St.; 312-690-7295

  • The Publican

    When it comes to OG chicken preparations, there is no ignoring the one at this Fulton Market mainstay. The Paul Kahan crew was one of the first to emphasize the importance of using fresh farm chicken. Theirs comes from Slagel Family Farm and is served by the half or whole bird with summer sausage and frites.

    837 W. Fulton Market; 312-733-9555

  • River Roast

    Not only is the whole roasted chicken delicious, but it's a showstopper. Executive chef John Hogan serves up the whole chicken for two with skin that’s perfectly crisp, meat that’s juicy and tender, and house potatoes that you just can't stop eating.

    315 N. Lasalle St.; 312-822-0100

  • Tanta

    Start with a sustainably raised whole Amish chicken, add a blend of Peruvian spices and chiles and then roast in a rotisserie oven. The result is a beautiful whole or half bird served with braised cannellini beans, arroz con choclo, criolla salad, rustic potatoes and aji sauces.

    118 W. Grand Ave.; 312-222-9700

  • Two

    Swan Creek Farms chickens are brined in-house, halved and roasted to order. The birds are first roasted in a pan and then finished in the oven with a lemon-thyme sauce. The chicken comes with the chef’s choice of roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes or polenta.

    1132 W. Grand Ave.; 312-624-8363