Now Open: Chicago Distilling Co. in Logan Square

By Sarah Freeman  |  January 14, 2014
Credit: Nick Murway

Three Logan Square locals are getting into the distilling game. The team is made up of brothers Vic and Jay DiPrizio, along with Jay's wife, Noelle, whose family used to be in the moonshine business. A far cry from bathtub gin, this sleek new distillery will produce a wide array of spirits. Chicago Distilling Co. is starting with vodka and white whiskey, but has big plans for gin, barrel-aged whiskey and amaro. The newly christened space, which opened Saturday, joins a slew of businesses popping up on Milwaukee Avenue, including The Radler and a new bar from the Scofflaw team called Slippery Slope. Since Chicago Distilling Co. does not serve food, Noelle said it is the perfect place to stop in for a drink before The Radler or while waiting for a table to open up at Revolution. One thing is certain, the large space - which also houses a small retail area - is a haven for the burgeoning local liquor movement.

2359 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 872-206-2774

  • Credit: Nick Murway

    The Bar

    The wide open space is like a warehouse of booze. High ceilings are covered in wood rafters and garage doors will open in the summer for al fresco drinking. The large space is filled with communal high-tops, a bar and small retail area. Currently, the bar can only serve spirits made in-house. This means white whiskey old fashioneds - made with a rich demerara sugar to balance out the 90-proof spirits - and vodka gimlets. On weekends, the bar serves Bloody Marys made with Stu's Bloody Mary Mix and mimosas.

  • Credit: Nick Murway

    The Booze

    Currently, the distillery is only producing its white whiskey and vodka. The whiskey is named Shorty's, after Noelle's grandfather and a tribute to his moonshine days. The vodka is called Ceres, after the Greek goddess of agriculture. Bottles of each can be purchased at the distillery. Next up in the boozy lineup is a gin, and further down the line the team wants to experiment with chef-collaboration amari, absinthe and other more unique spirits.

  • Credit: Nick Murway

    The Still

    A glass wall separates the bar from the distillery. A single still is the centerpiece of the open space that also includes a bottling line and barrel-aging room that houses branded barrels filled with white whiskey. These will be ready to be tapped in the next 12 to 18 months. On Saturdays and Sundays the space opens up for distillery tours. These tours cost $10 and include samples of the whiskey and vodka as well as a wealth of knowledge about the facility's origins. A spot on the tour can be reserved online, but be warned that they are filling fast.