Off the Clock: Luca Corazzina at 437 Rush

By Sarah Freeman  |  May 14, 2014

Want to rub shoulders with a chef? Buy a round for a bartender? We asked Chicago industry veterans where they can be found in their off-hours.

Who He Is: Executive chef at 312 Chicago
Where He Haunts: 437 Rush
Why He’s There: “I love going there and having Cristian [Fantoni] do a six-course tasting for me and my family. His cuisine is very similar to mine especially that he is from a city in Italy (Bergamo) that is not too far from my hometown of Padova. Every time is a different surprise when it comes from Cristian. My family and I love the special care that everyone there offers, especially when Alessandro comes by first with a great wine to drink with our meal, then with his table side songs that he sings in his Opera tone of voice.”
What He’s Eating: Housemade pasta, veal osso buco with risotto Milanese or whole branzino fileted tableside, but rarely the same thing twice.
What He’s Drinking: Chilled sambuca or Monsanto red wine